‘WHAT is he doing here, I didn’t ask ‘madam matchmaker’ to call him’

‘WHAT is he doing here, I didn’t ask ‘madam matchmaker’ to call him’

I didn’t ask ‘madam matchmaker’ to call him. I looked at the girl at the front desk. “You must be kidding me, did you call Teju?”

Efe Anaughe

“TOBS, thanks for accompanying me to the party, I had a swell time but more importantly I was the envy of every man at the party tonight, whoop lady you are dynamite! Where have you been all my life?” Teju asked elated as he drove us back to the Hotel. Are you kidding me? Did this ‘oyibo’ just say that? I think it’s best I go back to Lagos.

I came to Abeokuta to unwind but instead I appear to attract ‘trouble’ everywhere I go I sighed heavily. How did a trip that was supposed to help me relax become so complicated? The next morning, I went to the Front Desk and I told the girl there, I will be checking out immediately.

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“Oh no, are our services not up to standard ma? I see you still have two days” She said worriedly after checking her system. “Not at all, I have urgent work waiting for me in Lagos,” I said with a smile, tongue in cheek and lying through my teeth. “Ok Miss Tobs, I will inform the Management so your money is refunded,” she said with a smile. A few minutes later Teju walked into the lobby.

“What’s this I hear, that you are check out? He asked with a grave smile on his face. I am confused, what is he doing here? I didn’t ask ‘madam matchmaker’ to call him. I looked at the girl at the front desk. “You must be kidding me, did you call Teju?” I asked angrily unable to mask my anger. “No ma, if there is a problem with a guest and he is around, his instruction is, he should be informed first and immediately,” she said trying to calm me down. “Tobs don’t punish the messenger, thank you Alisha. I will take it from here,” Teju said giving the harassed looking girl a comforting smile. “I want to be sure my guests are treated right and have the best.” Teju said turning to me and smiling. “Your guests?” I asked in confusion. “Yes, I would expect that it is normal when you run a business, right?” he asked smiling and looking into my eyes. “This Hotel is yours?” I asked incredulously. Teju nodded, amused. Teju did everything to keep me from leaving and refunded my money in full instead of the two days left. I transferred the money back and told him I was not a charity case and will pay my bill. I left Abeokuta with a feeling of déjà vu; it was beginning to feel like I was in a vicious circle.

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Although Teju is not conventionally attractive (at least not to me!) he has a certain je ne sais quoi which will make him popular with the Ladies. The last thing I want is to have anything to do with such a person. “See who dropped off the face of the earth and suddenly resurfaced to join us mere mortals?” Jasmine said laughing as she glided into my office the following day and sat with aplomb on my rocking chair.

“So girl what the f**k’s been up with you? Sorry pardon my French,” she said looking unrepentant. “Jaz, language,” I said with little hope of being heeded. I told Jasmine what transpired in Abeokuta, leaving nothing out. “He sounds like a hunk; did you invite him to Lagos?” She asked trying to look disinterested. I shook my head laughing. “Jaz, you will never change! Can you not discuss anything about men without the sexual innuendos?” I asked laughing in exasperation. “Tobs, I have said it a zillion times what other topic is more interesting than men huh? Jasmine asked in a sexy drawl, laughing. The next couple of days were spent doing catch up, I am grateful Rick and Dennis kept their distance.

The week went by quickly enough, thankfully uneventful. It was Friday and I was in a hurry to leave the office when Debby, my Secretary came in blushing and acting all funny. She wasn’t a dimwit and certainly no bimbo so this was new to me. “Mr Teju is here to see you,” she said shyly. I felt the earth move under my feet.

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