Social Media Manic

Social Media Manic

It is the 21st Century and keeping up with the new trends for those of us over the age of 40 is both fun and exciting but at the same time daunting and challenging. For some less is more in this social media space, they would rather not learn something new instead remain in their comfort zone.

For others more adventurous, it is a case of one day at a time, slowly and steadily we are joining the Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram race.

When you think about it this social media space can be quite intrusive if it is all about you. I remember my brother saying “I don’t want the whole knowing about me and my life.”

Yes, Facebook and Instagram friends it is all about you and your life but to the extent of information you desire to share. There are times when you have accomplished a goal mark in your life that indeed you would like others to know about. It becomes dangerous when you share photos and information that can be damaging to your character and personality. While on Facebook you are gathering “Likes” and adding others to be a friend, it is all about connecting with today’s social media. Joining the Twitter race is more demanding you will to be more engaged with conversations to keep up. The more interesting you are, the greater the chances that people will “follow” you and keep the twitter chart rolling.

The average corporate individual has seen the need to join LinkedIn, I guess for professional reasons to let others know they exist, at the same time build their personal profile and credibility in the world of professionalism. Have you ever considered “posting” an article on linkedIn?

The wave I am still getting my head around; I am an advocate of knowledge is power but again one step at a time. Just the other day my daughter says “Mum you need to become more active on Instagram and Snapchat”. “OK What’s that all about?” I say. Instagram to me is very similar to Facebook, all about “liking” pictures and “following” other people in a bid to increase followership numbers. It has become a race as it draws so much attention away from other important things if you allow it to.

Finally the Snap Chat craze I have decided to leave to the younger generation as it is real time at its best. I pumped into it by chance as yet again I was comfortably getting on with life when my daughter start video recording me and then plays it back for me to view to my shock and surprise. We were walking in the cold she again films me shivering and then creates a snap chat all for fun and laughter. The buzz and excitement was when she decided to video record her dad without him realizing as he was topping up the car with engine oil and then plays it back for him to watch. All this is pretty new to us but we cannot rule out that it is trending big time.

“Where are you in all of this?”

As an individual or organization it is time to latch onto the band wagon and not be left behind, it is the trend of Liking, Following, Posting & Sharing. These are the new commercialtools to take yourbusiness forward. It is no wonder many companies have joined the new generation of social media players after all everything now is at the speed of touch and go.

The Gains of Social Media for your Business:

Just in case you are still wondering where you are in all of this I decided to give you some positive tips on the uses of this new found social media trend.

  1. Perfect Branding Tool

It is one thing to join the band wagon of social media players but it is another to understand the real reason why you are using the platform. Once you have taken the bold step to join, know the message you want you followers to receive. Social media is a very useful branding tool. Recognize that your brand is key so your identity remains intact. Everything you communicate is consistent with your brand and relevant to your business. Develop a slogan that represents your organization.

  1. Remain Current

Being a part of the new trend will help you reach out to others in a more current way. Consumer preferences are changing constantly as new ways of appealing to the audience are changing. As you remain current you begin to engage your audience at the same time attract new potential customers.

iii. Great Advertising & Marketing Reach Out

This is the new found marketing strategy that many are tapping into with great enthusiasm. With the right post you can reach out to thousands of people all at one go

In the same light you can take advantage of free advertising and marketing as others help you retweet, share and repost on your behalf. Money is being constantly on advert space in social media all by virtue of the numbers that can be reached from a paperless source of marketing. You cannot afford to be left out.

  1. New Information / Customer Loyalty

Without going too far you can share new trends in your industry using this platform. By asking questions and conducting surveys you will be able to establish first hand responses from your customers. They are free to share their views and opinions giving you access to research and consumer tastes at a faster pace. Keeping your followers engaged is the perfect way to maintain brand and customer loyalty.

  1. Hiring

Today organizations as well as individuals do not sit and wait for candidates to come in the physical before accessing their suitability for the role. Information is quite free for all to a large extent. Social Media helps in the process of headhunting and recruiting the right hire by pruning down the selection process and saving time. It is the responsibility of everyone to be mindful of what they post, like, follow and share not to send any mixed messages about who they are.

I hope you find theses pointer useful.



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