Price of garri rises by 95% in Enugu

Price of garri rises by 95% in Enugu

<p class="">A garri seller says a bag of garri previously selling at N14,000 is now selling at N22,000.</p>

<h1>Prices of garri (cassava flakes), a Nigerian staple food, has jumped in some major Enugu markets, according to a survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).</h1>

<p class="">A correspondent of NAN, who visited some markets in Enugu on Saturday, reports that the prices of white and red garri had increased by about 90 per cent.</p>

<p class="">Some garri sellers attributed the price hike scarcity of cassava due to off-season of the tuber.</p>

<p class=""><strong>Miss Felicia Ozoemena</strong>, a garri seller at New market, said that the price of a 4.5 litres bucket of white garri that was sold for N350 before, now cost N650.</p>

<p class="">Ozoemena also said that a 4.5 litres bucket of red garri goes for N900 as against the previous price of N550.</p>

<p class="">Another garri dealer at Garki market, <strong>Mr Uche Igwesi </strong>disclosed that a bag of garri previously selling at N14,000 is now selling at N22,000.</p>

<p class="">“<em>The prices of foodstuffs like garri are always high during planting season but during the harvest period, they become cheaper.</em></p>

<p class="">“<em>Due to lack of facilities to preserve the produce after harvesting, many produce go bad, therefore, leading to prices hike,’</em>’ Igwesi said.</p>

<p class="">Another seller at Mayor Market, who did not want to be identified, said that the increase in prices was because many people had left farming.</p>

<p class=""><em>“When many farmers went into cassava farming in 2017, the price of garri dropped significantly,’’ </em>she said.</p>

<p class="">A buyer at Ogbete Main Market, <strong>Mrs Ngozi Egwu</strong>, expressed worry at the sudden rise in the prices of garri, adding that there was no much money in circulation.</p>

<p class="">A farmer, <strong>Mr Onwuka Ndubisi</strong> urged the public to embrace cassava farming so that there would be surplus of garri in the next harvest season.</p>

<p class=""><em>“Surplus of cassava would definitely bring about crash in the price of garri if we all go into cassava farming"</em>, Egwu said. </p>



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