by Omoesho Oluwaseun

Respected Sir,
I think it will be an exceeding saving of time and more business-like if I avoid all sweet preliminaries and go straight into the object of this letter and say that I am writing to ask you to take up the sponsorship of my education. It is a staggering move! More staggering indeed does it become, when it is realized that I, who am asking for this sponsorship, have nothing in all the world to give as a security for this financial help, excepting my good faith and my brains which again are of value only so long as I continue to breathe the breath of life!

Nevertheless, I here proceed to outline in brief why I want this big upliftment from you. 
And I hope you will be kind enough to sacrifice some time to go through what I have to say, even though, in the end you might find yourself able to do me this grand favour. 
One great ambition of mine since my boyhood days is to be a football coach, My aim is to be one of the best coach/manager that ever came out from the continent of Africa but I do not have the financial capability to sponsor myself with the education necessary. 
I do not have the required traveling documents and resident papers to study in Europe. Sir I need your help in funding my level 1 coaching badge to level 3 coaching badge which is the UEFA B licence in the United Kingdom. 
And Sir i need your assistance in the procurement of United Kingdom travelling document, resident permit and the financing of my program. After careful thought, I have come to the conclusion that if I could get a sponsorship sufficient to cover my education expenses, I should go to England, this year and within three years, I should qualify as a football coach. 
But where on earth could i get the miraculous sponsorship? Who in Nigeria today could give this sponsorship, free of interest to help his fellow-man? J. Henry Doherty, Esq., Chief Obafemi Awolowo of illustrious memory who did the like to many successful Nigerians are no more. But after meticulous, shifting and weighing, I hit upon you the Asiwaju of the universe. 
I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that out of the bounty with which providence blesses your grit and efforts as a businessman and the Godfather of good deeds , you can well easily afford to advance such a sponsorship. I have no doubt too that as a visionist and progressive man you will be quite happy to give the sponsorship for the pursuit of the project for which I desire it. 
If you do me the great favour, not only myself and all that are mine, but also God and Africa will be grateful, I shall have no cause whatsoever to grumble or to blame you, FOR THE RISK IS GREAT. 
Omoesho Oluwaseun



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