I want to leave my husband of 7 years and take the kids with me

I want to leave my husband of 7 years and take the kids with me

<p class="">For seven years, this woman has been dealing with emotional torture, lack of effort and terrible sex. Now she wants out – alongside her babies.</p>

<p class=""><strong>Dear Bukky,</strong></p>

<p class="">For some seven years now that I have been married, I have been dealing with cheating issues, emotional torture, stinginess, lack of good sex ( he lasts only five minutes) etc. </p>

<p class="">We have two kids together. It was a love marriage but our marriage was only a year plus when he developed schizophrenia. </p>

<p class="">As a matter of fact, I have been enduring till now, but I’m tired.</p>

<p class="">I have cheated on him too because I couldn’t manage anymore and now I have no feelings for him whatsoever.</p>

<p class="">I want to seek for divorce and have the custody of the kids.</p>

<p class="">_____________</p>

<p class="">Dear reader,</p>

<p class="">I actually commend you for deciding to leave, seeing that the marriage no longer holds any sort of happiness for you.</p>

<p class="">I understand how difficult it must be but I also think it’s admirable to see the courage it took you to decide on this.</p>

<p class="">Staying in a bad marriage that <a href="http://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/6-relatable-reasons-why-people-remain-in-bad-marriages-id6344941.html" id="192b8ccd-bb6f-426a-ba94-e0abebf998dc">no longer holds any happiness</a> isn’t too good, <a href="http://www.pulse.ng/lifestyle/relationships-weddings/does-it-make-sense-to-remain-in-a-bad-marriage-for-the-kids-id6573632.html" id="c0614943-4d17-467f-97af-85b54a8fece2">not even for the kids</a>. If that’s what your marriage has come to and you feel this is the best thing for you, then please go ahead with it.</p>

<p class="">Having said that, there’s only one thing to do – enlist the services of a lawyer. A credible one who comes with referrals of having experience with getting favourable judgement for women at divorce proceedings.</p>

<p class="">Good luck and I hope you rediscover happiness.</p>

<p class="">_____________</p>

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