Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’

Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’

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<p class=""><strong>Africa Magic’s ‘Enakhe’, currently streaming on </strong><a href=""><strong>Showmax</strong></a><strong>, tells the story of a rebellious daughter who after the sudden death of her father is forced by circumstances to grow in every way possible to become the leader of the family’s criminal empire and extended family while contending with antagonists both physical and otherwise. </strong></p>

<p class="">Set in Benin City, ‘Enakhe’ contains elements of crime drama and African fantasy with a storyline that will not only entertain and educate but also keep you glued to your screen.</p>

<p class="">Here are all the reasons we love the show.</p>

<h3>1. Alex Usifo makes a comeback in this series as ‘Epa’</h3>

<p class="">Veteran actor, Alex Usifo makes a comeback as patriarch, Osasere otherwise known as ‘Epa’ in ‘Enakhe’. </p>

<p class="">Alex Usifo first worked at NTA Benin after his graduation from secondary school. He was part of the crew that covered FESTAC’77 for the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria. His acting career kicked off in 1984 when he played a major role in the tele-movie ‘The Return of the Native’. He also took lead roles in ‘Natas’ and ‘Two People’. He was in NTA, Victoria Island to take part in the weekly series ‘At Your Service’ and he was part of NTA productions ‘Echoes of Life’ and ‘Turning Wheel’ between 1984 and 1987. </p>

<p class="">He gained full recognition when he starred in Zeb Ejiro’s soap opera, ‘Ripples’ portraying the villain character ‘Talaab Abass’ in 1988. The show made headlines in television because few soap operas existed at that time and his character won him Best Actor – Ripples; Legends of Nollywood award. The towering, baritone actor whose signature look is a clean-shaven head has won several awards both locally and internationally. </p>

<figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="" alt="Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’"> <figcaption>Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’</figcaption> </figure>

<p class="">In ‘Enakhe’, Usifo plays the patriarch of the Iwinosa clan, a ruthless businessman and the head of the committee of friends (a group made up of Benin City’s most lethal criminals involved in illicit drug business). He is the hard-hearted and vile godfather in the streets who is still revered in his old age, commanding attention and is only soft and considerate to things concerning his daughter, Enakhe and rebellious son Cali. </p>

<p class="">Although he dies early, his character is already built and a force to reckon with in this series and it is no surprise that he executes his role perfectly well. Fans already love him.</p>

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<h3> 2. The richness of the Benin culture</h3>

<p class="">Set in modern day Benin City in Edo state, ‘Enakhe’ explores the richness of the Benin culture and takes us on a trip round the city, showing off key monuments and the popular University of Benin campus. The way and life of the Benin people are also reflected in the show. The dialogue also reflects the locale as we learn some <em>pidgin</em> slangs used by the Benin people and their meanings. </p>

<h3>3. Interesting plot</h3>

<p class="">‘Enakhe’ explores the crime drama genre. We see this with the top families involved in illicit drug business, family and territorial feuds but disguising it with legal businesses. These families rule the city. The storytelling is captivating and goes straight to the point with each scene introducing characters and formidable story lines that will keep you in suspense and anticipation as the story unfolds.</p>

<figure class="image" align="center"> <img src="" alt="Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’"> <figcaption>Here are all the reasons why we love ‘Enakhe’</figcaption> </figure>

<h3>4. A Product of the Edo creative hub</h3>

<p class="">‘Enakhe’ is a product of the Edo creative hub, a space created by the Obaseki-led administration to streamline engagements with the state’s booming creative industry. According to Business Day, Mrs Ukinebo Dare, Executive Director of Edo State Skills Development Agency (Edojobs), speaking to journalists, said, “Africa magic’s new series, ‘Enakhe’, is actually shot in Edo, with a cast and crew that is approximately 90 percent indigenous. This project is being supported by Edojobs and is introducing creative talent in Edo to the world as well as telling the world that Edo is poised to host first class productions’’. </p>

<p class="">She added that “the show runner, Mr. Victor Aghahowa is an Edo son, who was one of those hosted by his Excellency, Mr Godwin Obaseki on International Youth Day in 2018. The interaction was held with various illustrious sons and daughters of Edo in Nigeria’s creative industry. His Excellency’s message to them was one of encouragement to join hands in building the new Edo and take the state to its pride of place in the world, something they were all passionate about’’.</p>

<h3>5. Talented cast</h3>

<p class="">‘Enakhe’ boasts an array of talented cast and crew including director and showrunner, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa who has been behind critically acclaimed shows like ‘Hotel Majestic’ and ‘Hush’. The show also stars Ivie Okujaye (2012 Africa Movie Academy Awards Best Actress winner), award-winning movie director, Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun, Lota Chukwu, Charles Etubiebi among others.</p>

<h3>6. Social media loves it</h3>

<p class="">From the moment the show premiered, fans have taken to social media to express their excitement, picking their favorite characters and different pidgin slangs they like. Memes have even been created from funny scenes.</p>

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<p class="">‘Enakhe’ is currently streaming on <a href="" id="2691be80-f3b1-4160-b6ce-d920175fce07">Showmax</a>.</p>

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