Davido talks about sending Nicki Minaj a DM and confirms ‘A Better Time’ will have 17 tracks

Davido talks about sending Nicki Minaj a DM and confirms ‘A Better Time’ will have 17 tracks

<p class="">During the show, he also says that he recorded ‘FEM’ in</p>

<h1>On September 11, 2020, Nigerian superstar, Davido was on the Drivetime Show on Beat FM with Gbemi and Segun. During the show, he spoke about why he left social media and why it seemed like he unfollowed some of his people.</h1>

<p class="">He also spoke about why his upcoming third album, <strong>A Better Time </strong>is coming so hot on the heels of his sophomore <strong>A Good Time. </strong>He said, "<em>I was going to ride on ‘A Good Time’ till [2021] but while on tour, I realized that like six songs from ‘A Good Time’ were already out. So I really only added how many songs?"</em></p>

<p class="">He continued, <em>"I didn’t feel like it was a brand new album and then immediately I came back to Nigeria due to COVID, we started recording. And then, I was mostly in Atlanta [Georgia, US] when I recorded ‘A Good Time,’ so I was only talking to my producers via WhatsApp or Skype.. </em></p>

<p class=""><em>"Before I went to [Los Angeles] to do collaborations, the solo records I did here, I was on hand in Lagos [vibing with everybody]. I dropped ‘FEM’ today from a 17-track album. So we will get 16 new songs</em>."</p>

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<p class="">He also confirmed that <strong>Nicki Minaj </strong>is on the album. Speaking about how that happened, he said, "<em>Before this song, I had never spoken with Nicki. We were in a club in Abuja and I was really drunk and I had also just recorded this song. I was like ‘Nicki will kill this song.'</em></p>

<p class=""><em>"So I took my phone and DMed her. I said, "Nicki, I got a song for us. It’s gon’ go number one, I promise you’ in those exact words. The next morning, [I saw a message from her which read], ‘send it.’ The next day, she sent it…</em>"</p>

<p class="">Interestingly, <strong>Davido </strong>also says that he recorded ‘FEM’ in March 2020. The album cover for ‘A Better Time’ will be <strong>Davido</strong>’s son, Ifeanyi. </p>

<p class="">You can watch the video below;</p>

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