British journalist, Isha Sesay says Nigerian government is a bit like Trump

British journalist, Isha Sesay says Nigerian government is a bit like Trump

<p class="">Sesay says Nigerian government is incredibly insensitive to criticism.</p>

<h1>Former CNN journalist, Isha Sesay has likened President Muhammadu Buhari government to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, saying Nigerian government is incredibly insensitive to criticism.</h1>

<p class="">Sesay, while speaking on ‘<strong>The Daily Show with Trevoh Noah</strong>’ said Nigerian government contacted her after she released a book on Boko Haram survivors.</p>

<p class="">In the book, titled; <strong>“Beneath the Tamarind Tree”,</strong> Sesay narrates the experiences of the girls in and out of Boko Haram captivity.</p>

<p class="">The British Journalist, who reported the Chibok girls ordeal for CNN said she left her sick mother in a coma to report the girls return to their family in 2016. </p>

<p class="">Sesay said that she wanted her book to spotlight the Nigerian government to re-engage with the rest of Chibok girls that are still in Boko Haram custody.</p>

<p class="">She said, “<em>The Nigerian government is a bit like Trump, its a bit like President Trump, they are incredibly sensitive to criticism.”</em></p>

<p class=""><em>“With that being said, the spotlight being shone on the Nigerian government once more with this book will move them again to re-engage with the story, and that is what I really want.</em></p>

<p class=""><em>“The families of the 112 girls feel utterly abandoned by the world, by Nigeria. This book I hope will get people back on social media, social media works.</em></p>

<p class=""><em>“If we can generate a groundswell and get back to say you must do more, what are you doing? I want everyone here to use their voice, use their platform to hashtag Nigerian government, bring back our girls, Chibok girls.</em></p>

<p class=""><em>“It will move the needle, and I tell you how I know that, because since this book came out, the Nigerian government has reached out to me and said please come, so we can talk about this.”</em></p>

<p class="">After working with CNN for 13 years, Sesay resigned from the television channel to focus on Africa.</p>



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