Abuja’s ban on protests fails to stop #EndSARS protesters

Abuja’s ban on protests fails to stop #EndSARS protesters

<p class="">Many protesters marched through Abuja in their dozens on Friday, disregarding the ban.</p>

<h1>The Federal Capital Territory Administration’s ban on public processions failed to stop #EndSARS protesters from continuing with their public demonstrations on Friday, October 16, 2020.</h1>

<p class="">Nigerians have been protesting nationwide for over a week for the scrapping of the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force, a unit with a long history of abuse of power.</p>

<p class="">Even though <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/igp-disbands-sars-nationwide/l86hxre" id="7463545b-2ff3-4e43-8b93-c71eceb2c1d1">the government dissolved the unit earlier this week</a>, protesters have refused to back down, expressing discontent with the government’s measures.</p>

<p class="">The FCTA on Thursday, October 15 <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/endsars-fct-bans-protests-for-violating-covid-19-rules/xcb6zsw" id="2a2a4bd1-5f22-417b-8514-a639e22c823b">announced a ban</a> on street demonstrations, protests, and processions in the capital city over safety fears.</p>

<p class="">The FCT’s security committee alleged that the protesters failed to comply with COVID-19 guidelines regulating public gatherings.</p>

<p class="">The committee also alleged that the peaceful protesters have been behaving in an unruly manner, and caused inconveniences to others in the capital city.</p>

<p class="">Thursday’s ban was widely-condemned by Nigerians who said the constitutional right to peaceful protest cannot be overruled by the FCTA.</p>

<p class="">Many protesters marched through Abuja in their dozens on Friday, disregarding the ban.</p>

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<p class="">They chanted "End SARS" while they marched and displayed placards that condemned police brutality.</p>

<p class="">Muslim protesters also observed their Jumaat prayers in the middle of the road during Friday’s demonstration.</p>

<p class="">A <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/endsars-wike-calls-for-arrest-of-protesters-in-rivers-state/12mbnrn" id="3d1e85b3-e14d-450f-b53e-32b20584de3a">similar ban in Rivers State</a> had the opposite effect as scores of protesters defied state governor, <strong>Nyesom Wike</strong>, earlier this week.</p>

<p class="">Similar protests have been ongoing in many states across Nigeria, with past protests in some cities across the world.</p>

<p class="">At least <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/endsars-10-nigerians-killed-since-protests-began/htn1xhz" id="0361abb1-82c6-4de5-b31c-d6f342dd614d">10 protesters have been killed</a>, and many assaulted by police officers since the protests started over a week ago.</p>

<p class="">Hoodlums have also <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/lagos-thugs-attack-endsars-protesters-in-alausa/fvddl8s" id="81c26b6b-becc-4707-a85e-09d5965eb8f0">attacked the protesters in Lagos</a> and <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/abuja-thugs-attack-endsars-protesters-in-capital-city/9eeqhk6" id="c9a180f8-c0c7-40ac-b92c-5d399c99b212">Abuja</a> and injured some while also damaging property.</p>

<p class=""><a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/endsars-thugs-kill-protester-injure-many-others/4q3djkd" id="f3d3df44-0166-4a18-bb84-4b6f56a4a627">One man was killed</a> and many others injured when thugs attacked peaceful protesters in Edo State on Friday.</p>

<p class="">The creation of <a href="https://www.pulse.ng/news/local/sars-officers-not-allowed-to-join-swat-police-say/ty5gell" id="26f0e8a1-e2a1-4b21-ab5a-141ba82fb3ea">a new tactical unit</a> to fill in the void left by the dissolution of SARS has failed to convince the protesters to put an end to the nationwide demonstrations.</p>

<p class="">The campaign has enjoyed widespread support in the international community with messages of solidarity from global superstars and personalities, including Twitter CEO, <strong>Jack Dorsey</strong>.</p>



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