2019:It’s detrimental to Ijaw for Sen Manager to back out – IJAW YOUTHS

2019:It’s detrimental to Ijaw for Sen Manager to back out – IJAW YOUTHS

By Emma Amaize

IJAW youths, under the auspices of Delta Ijaw Youth Colligate Leadership, DIYCL, weekend, said it would be a disservice to the Ijaw nation for Senator James Manager,  representing Delta South senatorial district in Delta State,  not to seek re-election in 2019.

The group, which chided the Itsekiri ethnic nationality for reportedly monopolizing the Warri Federal Constituency seat since 1954, in a statement by the President, Mr. Francis Abulu and three others, said: “Delta Ijaw Youth Colligate Leadership entreats Senator Manager to seek re-election in 2019. We wish him success in all his endeavours and urge him not to disappoint the Delta South senatorial district as he has always done.”

“We are ready to purchase the nomination form for him (Manager) to seek re-election. Senator Manager must note that a decision not to contest would be a disservice to the Ijaw nation and we would not forgive him. “We call on the latter-days apostles of equity to do the needful in the Warri federal constituency, both in elective and appointive positions in the three Warri council areas.

“We state, without equivocation that justice and equity can only come when those who are asking for it do unto others as they will wish others do unto them.

This can only be the order, without this reciprocal gesture, the requested equity will continue to be a mirage, even in 2019,” they asserted. DIYCL rebuked an Isoko leader and former Secretary to the State Government, Comrade Ovuozorie Macaulay, over his alleged statement that it would unfair of any Ijaw man to contest the Delta South senatorial seat in 2019, having held the office for 16 years through Senator Manager, saying: “It is irony that Mr. Macaulay could make such a comment to strengthen the position of the Itsekiris forgetting that the current occupant, the Distinguished Senator Manager is also maternally from Isoko.”

“The point must be made clearly that the Ijaws of Delta South senatorial district are willing and ready to work with the Isoko people,  who have been very supportive of the Ijaws. The Ijaws are also ready to work with liberal and progressive Itsekiri people who believe in the principle of live and let live as one.

“We express our serious dissent for nowadays apostles of equity who do not believe that any other person other than the Itsekiris exist in Warri Federal Constituency. The 64 years injustice against the Ijaws and Urhobos of Warri must be addressed before we talk of equity in Delta South senatorial district. Our call to our Itsekiri brothers is, do unto others what you want other to do to you,” the group added.


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