Emeka Okoro’s romance with heaven in ‘Flee’

Emeka Okoro’s romance with heaven in ‘Flee’

By Rotimi Agbana

Nollywood actor, Emeka Okoro, is now a born again Christian and being a film maker, he is now on a mission to spread the gospel by any means possible, especially with his movies, which is exactly what he has done with his latest movie titled ‘Flee’.

Emeka Okoro

Produced and directed by Emeka Okoro, the movie which stars the likes of Emeka Okoro himself, Paul Adams, Gloria Anozie-Young, Ngozi Zack Orji, Jane Emeka, Pei Akintokun and many others is a contemporary gospel movie aimed at bringing more souls into the kingdom of God.

Speaking to Showtime Bonus in an exclusive chat, Emeka explained his romance with heaven in the movie and what he intends to achieve with the production. “I’m now born again and as a transformed personality, my wife and I thought about what we could do to affect the kingdom of God which we now belong to. So, God inspired us and we came out with this story. So that’s what basically motivated me to do this movie”, he said.

According to Emeka, ‘Flee’ is a movie meant to encourage sinners to retrace their steps and return to the path that God has charted for them.

“The story has a message which encourages you not to allow anything distract you off course or change your destination, your mission or purpose in life. We’re trying to sensitize people that along the journey of destiny, they have to be on guard, they have to be careful so that they don’t allow unnecessary distractions take you off course, thereby terminating the journey to destiny”, he submitted.

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